V The Buddy Project - 13.Nov.2012

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V The Buddy Project - 13.Nov.2012

V The Buddy Project - 13.Nov.2012
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Kerala Muslim leader's remark on gender equality draws flak

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V The Buddy Project - 13.Nov.2012

by Channelv 5:16 mins

V The Buddy Project - 13.Nov.2012

by Channelv 5:16 mins

Samar and Piddi try to impress the girls, but in vain. Panchi stops Aisha from going to the stage. Aisha asks Ranveer to show her the campus. A girl asks Piddi to wash the clothes. Vats becomes furious at Piddi for being at girls' resting area. A few students requests Kiya to sing . Kiya introduces KD to her friends as her best friend. KD decides to tamper with Kiya's voice.

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Business of Cinema

  1. 0:40

    Varun Dhawan And Kriti Sanon Confess About Their Emotions!

  2. 1:14

    Varun Dhawan Says Kriti Sanon Is HOT!

  3. 1:51

    Varun Dhawan Shares A Funny Story About Jumping From Trucks On Dilwale!

  4. 1:07

    Kriti Sanon Opens Up On Matching Varun Dhawan In Manma Emotion Jaage!

  5. 1:25

    Varun Dhawan Just Compared Dilwale To Leonardo DiCaprios Inception

  6. 0:42

    Bigg Boss 9: Varun Dhawan Says Shah Rukh Khan To Keep Salman Khan Waiting!


  1. 1:44

    Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah promote 'Hate Story 3' in Mumbai

  2. 1:34

    Ranveer Singh shares his experience of 'Malhari'

  3. 1:56

    Can't imagine anyone else playing as Bajirao, Mastani: PeeCee

  4. 1:06

    When Katrina catch Deepika and Ranbir’s romancing

  5. 1:00

    Farhan Akhtar surprises everyone with impromptu Gig in Mumbai

  6. 1:17

    Preity Zinta gets irritated being asked about marriage!

Celebrity weddings

  1. 3:01

    Jitendra and Gokuldham society at Daya aka Disha Vakani’s wedding reception

  2. 1:35

    Kerala NRI's Pillai spends Rs 55-cr on daughter's wedding

  3. 0:58

    Colorblindness! Alia’s dress is blue or purple?

  4. 0:56

    TV actor Disha Vakani calls wedding vows

  5. 0:47

    Lol: Masaba Gupta criticizes her own wedding outfit

  6. 2:06

    Bollywood Celebs At Masaba Gupta And Madhu Mantena's Wedding Ceremony