Ek Jaan Hai hum

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Ek Jaan Hai hum

Ek Jaan Hai hum
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Manma Emotion Jaage Official Song Review

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Ek Jaan Hai hum

by Digizen 2:25:28 mins

Ek Jaan Hai hum

by Digizen 2:25:28 mins

Coming from a decent upper middle-class family, Vikram Saxena meets with gorgeous Seema Singh, and both fall in love. But their respective families have other plans for them. While Vikram is able to convince his advocate dad, Shyam Sunder, to change his mind, Seema is unable to do so, and her marriage is being planned with a U.S. resident. Things take a turn for the worst when the police arrest Vikram with arson, with evidence that he had burned down a property belonging to Seema's dad.

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