Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - 20.Nov.2012

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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - 20.Nov.2012

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - 20.Nov.2012
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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - 20.Nov.2012

by Lifeok 5:19 mins

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev - 20.Nov.2012

by Lifeok 5:19 mins

Parvati asks Mahadev not to tell stories to Ashok Sundari otherwise she will become involved in tapasya. Mahadev enlightens Parvati about tapasya. Indradev envies Kartikey and taunts him. Ashok Sundari desires to meet Kartikey. Kartikey feels glad to meet Mahadev, Parvati and Ashok Sundari during their visit to the Dakshin. Parvati pays her gratitude to Meenakshi for taking care of Kartikey. Kartikey tells Ashok Sundari about the importance of meditation and cherishes the moments with her.

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