Saif's first film:Aashik Awara

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Saif's first film:Aashik Awara

Saif's first film:Aashik Awara
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Saif's first film:Aashik Awara

by Digizen 2:37:34 mins

Saif's first film:Aashik Awara

by Digizen 2:37:34 mins

Kedarnath a rich man with many enemies is saved by a Taxi Driver, Dilher Singh but gets killed. Kedarnath decides to look after Dilherís Widow and son. But his enemies kill the real widow and her son Jimm, replaces with a woman, Sheela and her son Vikram. Jimmy is looked after by, Jaggu and his son Gulu, who make their living stealing. Jimmy ends up in Delhi as Rakesh Rajpal, meets Jyoti and falls in Love. She Introduces him to her Dad, Kedarnath while drama unfolds

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