Aamir Promotes 'Talaash' on the sets of Star Plus

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Aamir Promotes 'Talaash' on the sets of Star Plus

Aamir Promotes 'Talaash' on the sets of Star Plus
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Aamir Promotes 'Talaash' on the sets of Star Plus

by Ani 1:39 mins

Aamir Promotes 'Talaash' on the sets of Star Plus

by Ani 1:39 mins

Super Talented Bollywood Actor, Aamir Khan is leaving no stones unturned in the promotion of his upcoming flick 'Talaash'. And so Mr. Perfectionist was recently spotted on the sets of Star Plus in Film city Mumbai. On the occasion Aamir also told us about what exactly is he searching for in life! In a career spanning over two decades, Aamir has never been on television to promote any of his films so far. But it seems Aamir has realised the reach of the small screen after his debut stint on the medium and that's the reason, he has agreed to match steps with the group of telly bahus on Star Plus. We wish you all the Best Aamir!

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