Junk food could make you 'depressed'

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Junk food could make you 'depressed'

Junk food could make you 'depressed'
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Junk food could make you 'depressed'

by Ani 0:45 mins

Junk food could make you 'depressed'

by Ani 0:45 mins

If you love gorging on fast food, chances are that you might end up being depressed, claims a new study.It was observed that individuals with higher intakes of trans fats experienced "difficulties with emotional awareness," as well as a lower level of emotional "clarity".In turn, those individuals with a lower trans fats intake were associated with "increased positive and decreased negative affects" and were better able to control their emotions.Consuming a diet rich in trans fats has been linked to high cholesterol levels in the blood, causing heart attacks, heart disease and strokes, however, the mental health dangers have not been so widely accepted.

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