Don't keep calm, go exercise to boost memory

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Don't keep calm, go exercise to boost memory

Don't keep calm, go exercise to boost memory
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Don't keep calm, go exercise to boost memory

by Ani 1:53 mins

Don't keep calm, go exercise to boost memory

by Ani 1:53 mins

Are people coming to you very often with an advice of keeping yourself fit and healthy? Then you should give it a thought, especially, if you think your memory is going down the drain because as per a study, which is published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, older adults who get involved in physical activities perform better on memory tasks than those who are inactive. In the study, 29 young adults, between the age of 18 and 31, and 31 older adults, between the age of 55 and 82, wore a small device called an ActiGraph, which recorded information including how many steps each took, how vigorous the steps were and how much time it involved. Participants also completed neuropsychological testing to assess their memory, planning and problem-solving abilities. Researchers at Boston University Medical Center found that older adults who took more steps per day had better memory performance. Author Scott Hayes of the Boston University Medical Center said that their findings that physical activity was positively associated with memory was appealing for a variety of reasons, adding that everyone knew that physical activity was a critical component to ward off obesity and cardiovascular-related disease. Hayes said that knowing that a lack of physical activity might negatively impact one's memory abilities would be an additional piece of information to motivate folks to stay more active. The authors point out that staying physically active can take a variety of forms from formal exercise programs to small changes, such as walking or taking the stairs. So, stop feeling lethargic and take a step towards 'healthy living' so that the next time your friend, colleague or anyone from the family tells you to either find something or recall a moment from the past, you don't have to stay mum about it.

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